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Kickstart 2022 with health tips from trending lifestyle gurus

The start of a new year often builds a resolve within us to do and be better. And as we look to incorporate the top health tips and trends of 2022 into our day to day lives – isn’t it time to find out what actually works?

We’ve found four certifiably ‘good’ habits from our favourite lifestyle gurus to help you get back to the basics of health. So that you can confidently commit to your health and wellness without it feeling like a chore!

Health Tip 1: Meditating

Our first health tip is a well-known habit for wellness – meditation. It’s trended for years simply due to the fact that it works. Advocates for meditation range from Lewis Hamilton to Jeff Weiner (CEO of LinkedIn) to Madonna. All of varying ages, careers and culture, yet they all swear by the health habit for clarity of mind. 

There are a plethora of lifestyle gurus that champion meditation, but for this blog we are going to centre on Lily Kunin

A successful chef and entrepreneur, Kunin spends 20 minutes every day meditating. Trained in Vedic meditation she focuses on mantras, including what she’s grateful for and her intentions for the day.

20 minutes in the morning or evening may seem like a big undertaking. However, if you were to reduce your screen time, whether it be social media or television, it becomes more attainable. You can incorporate it into your morning routine by setting your alarm earlier and allowing yourself time to come-to in the morning with mantras of strength. Or in the evening, you can wind down with an assessment of your day and plan for the next. 

Kunin argues that her routine opens up space in her day, rather than taking from it. From meditating to brushing her teeth, routines help her to reestablish normalcy and increase time efficiency. It’s a health tip that is not physically demanding, but has a great affect on your mind and self-awareness.

Health Tip 2: Walking

Walking is a simple health tip that helps your physical and mental health, giving you far more energy than you spend. Lucy Litman is a multi-talented individual, who runs an in-depth lifestyle social account, works as a Digital Content & Experiences Manager and is a successful avant garde artist. 

Litman is a huge advocate for walking because it gives her space to process her creativity, whilst helping her fitness and allowing her to absorb nature’s benefits. Lucy attributes walking to and from work as a huge part of her success, as it helps her prepare for the day on the way there, and also unwind. Lucy even quit all of her gym memberships and just started walking everywhere and she swears she’s the healthiest she’s ever been.

Not only does walking give Lucy time to decompress, but wandering around with no purpose helps her find her best thoughts, becoming inspired by the randomness of her surroundings. This, in turn, gives her more confidence in her ideas and less focus on distracting things that take away from her priorities.

Walking is a simple health tip that can strengthen every aspect of your life. You can even incorporate both meditation and walking to ensure you are getting the most out of your time. But as touched on before, a fantastic side effect of walking is nature. In a previous blog we looked into all the benefits of communing with nature. This health tip allows for these benefits as well as assisting your fitness and frame of mind.

Health Tip 3: Drinking Water

If like us, you become lazy when it comes to drinking water over the winter – this is the health tip you need! Vanessa Fitzgerald, Health Coach and Nutritionist extraordinaire, knows that self-care does not have to be self-indulgent. Often optimising the bare essentials is great for bettering wellbeing. For her, drinking water is not only a way to clear her mind and focus, but it’s her ultimate defence against dehydration-induced skin rashes, migraines and mood swings.

Fitzgerald ensures she starts her day off with 20oz of filtered spring water, making sure her 40oz Hydro Flask is fully loaded and by her bed the night before. After hydrating, she writes down all her racing thoughts in the notes section of her phone, so that she can attack them later.

health tip drinking water with CBDX

Vanessa is pretty insistent about the importance of routines, as slowly but surely simple routines start to become habitual. From ensuring she has her Hydro Flask fully loaded before bed, to ensuring you have a few swigs early in the morning, these routines will soon become a habit and you’ll be reaching for more water without a second thought.

As important as her morning routine is, Vanessa puts just as much emphasis on winding down in the evening. Aside from putting her phone on aeroplane mode before bed and working through a night-time routine, Vanessa also stops drinking water an hour before bed, so as not to wake in the middle of the night.

The good news? This health tip is the easiest to implement! Drinking water is an actionable habit no matter where you go or what you do. Which is why we at Amma Life developed the CBDX Water Soluble Spray, just spritz your water with a couple of sprays for a great on-the-go boost!

health tip - stretching

Health Tip 4: Stretching

After a lovely break for the holidays many of us are headed back to the office and back to a desk. It’s vital to your health that you take mini breaks during your working day, to give your eyes a break but also to stretch out your back.

Joe Wicks is a great supporter of stretching. Not only as part of your fitness routine, but also in general day-to-day life, because it improves flexibility, keeps injuries at bay and improves posture. Thankfully for us, Wicks has uploaded an array of videos to help people stretch, including his Monday Mobility series.

If you are a goal-oriented person then why not set yourself a challenge? Take a leaf out of Wick’s book and try his ‘splits challenge’. The ever-enthusiastic Body Coach shared his ‘splits’ journey last February, showing his progression over the month. The little competition with yourself can help inject a bit of fun and propel you forward each day. 

And most importantly with this health tip, you have to keep at it to see results! The Harvard Health Medical School highlights the importance of cumulative stretching. The tension you’ve built up in your muscles over months of desk-work, sports and house chores, will all take time to undo. So, when February comes and you still aren’t completely happy with your flexibility – don’t quit! If it helps, why not take pictures of your progress like Joe Wicks?

What will be your best health tip of 2022?

So, there it is! Our 4 certifiably good health tips that are easy to implement into your day-to-day life. If you decided to incorporate one or more of these health tips into your life, share your progress with us by tagging us: @ammalifestyle

Daily habits can make a big change over the course of the year. So this is a great time to think about new habits you want to incorporate into your life during 2022. Adding a simple daily habit, such as taking a daily CBD health supplement, can really help us to maintain optimal health throughout the year. Why not check out our full range of CBD oils? You might find your key to a happy and healthy 2022!