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CBD & Alcohol: Can you mix them?

Are you planning to introduce CBD into your wellbeing routine, or have recently done so? Then you may be wondering if it’s safe to take CBD and drink alcohol. In short, the answer appears to be ‘yes’, but there are some complexities you should consider before consuming alcohol and CBD together.

CBD & Alcohol: A quick deep dive of each 

Both alcohol and CBD are a part of people’s everyday lifestyle and diet, so it’s natural to wonder how the two elements will interact. However, the combined effect has not yet been extensively researched. To get a better understanding of how they interact, we need to look at them separately. 

Alcohol, despite starting off as a simple handful of yeast and sugars, can act as a powerful depressant. By interacting with the body’s central nervous system, it can affect your mood, coordination and speech. And, the more you consume, the more severe the effects. 

Whereas, CBD is a far more natural and subtle compound. Amma Life’s CBD, extracted from the whole plant, contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD, terpenes and flavonoids. Like phytocannabinoids, these compounds seem to interact with your endocannabinoid system for an overall positive effect on your health – quite the opposite of alcohol! Check out our 5 star rated whole range of CBD oils and CBD Paste extracts designed to support optimal health. 

At face value, it may seem that the two components would have a mitigating effect. However, the lack of research in this area means we can’t be sure. What we do know, is that there are brewers and mixologists who are now combining CBD and alcohol, who believe that CBD infused beers, spirits and wines are not only safe, but a positive step forward for the alcohol industry. And with what we know about the hemp plant, this certainly seems to make sense.

Can I drink alcohol and take CBD oil at the same time?

Some people have started to mix their CBD oil dosage with their favourite tipple, but if you’re not familiar with CBD or confident what dosage to consume, we suggest leaving it to the experts. The most sensible and effective way to take CBD oil is by placing 3-4 drops under your tongue and leaving it there for between 30-60 seconds to allow for rapid absorption.

Can I drink alcohol if I am taking CBD on a daily basis?

As a regular user of CBD, you’ll be far more aware of how CBD affects you and will be better placed to make decisions about your alcohol intake. Moreover, in order to feel all the positive effects of CBD, you should be taking it on a regular basis. Whereas, alcohol should always be taken in moderation and CBD shouldn’t be seen as a way to lessen the long-term, damaging effects of alcohol. 

Amma Life CBD & Alcohol

All in all, you can take CBD and drink alcohol, but we recommend you drink with caution. As always, we encourage you to put your mental and physical health first and Amma Life CBD is a great supplement to support your overall wellbeing. We have an easy way to help you choose the ideal products for you in this special guide. Now it’s just a matter of which product to choose! 

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