Hemp leaf and CBD molecular structure

Will CBD show up in a drug test?

CBD is becoming an increasingly popular compound in the wellness space and as such, its market of users is expanding to encompass athletes, officers, and HGV drivers. Which in turn raises the question – ‘Will CBD make you fail a drug test?’. As careers such as these rely on regular negative drug tests. 

The answer is no, this is highly unlikely! When buying legal CBD products you should be able to use CBD and sail through a drug tests without an issue. But, there are a few impinging factors that you need to be aware of when sourcing CBD.

THC in CBD drug testing

CBD is extracted from hemp, and as such contains trace amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive substance within the hemp plant, and if you are tested for psychoactive substances, do not fret. When sourced from a reliable seller, such as Amma Life, all CBD products will contain less than 0.1% of THC. And, as the legal limit for THC in the UK is 0.1% (1 mg of THC per product), you should pass your drug test without any hindrance. Most Amma Life products contain 0.05% THC or less, rest assured that this is a miniscule amount of the cannabinoid to be present in any product. Just enough to benefit from the whole plant effect, but not enough to impact the body or show up in any test.

Third party product testing

Before you buy any CBD you should make sure its products are tested by an independent testing facility. Not only will this ensure you are getting what you pay for, but you’ll be better able to gauge what level of THC is actually in the CBD product. By actively monitoring the amount of cannabioinds –  including THC, are present in each finished product, as a company we can confidently sell, and you can safely consume the product.

CBD drug test in sport

Drug testing for CBD in sport

Cannabidiol is a world anti-doping approved (WADA) substance. WADA covers a wide range of sports and has outlined that CBD is a safe substance to use, but states that THC is prohibited. As such, if you are a professional athlete, steer clear of whole plant CBD extracts that can contain trace amounts of THC and choose instead broad spectrum CBD, which contains all cannabinoids except THC, such as Amma Life’s 5% CBD Oil and the CBD Body Creams, Balms and Patches.

The Bottom Line

The fact of the matter is CBD shouldn’t show up on a routine drug test. And, if it happened to, by using a reliable source of CBD such as Amma Life, it should come up as a false positive because the level of THC will be below the legal limit. 


But to guarantee your safety look for the following within a CBD seller:

  • Clearly marked labels that tell you exactly what you are getting. 
  • Third party test results. 
  • Reviews – you will often find other people in similar situations to yourself have left a review that could help you. 
  • Avoid the use of unnatural substances or harsh chemicals such as solvents. 

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