Man stretching after taking CBD pre-workout
CBD for Sports

CBD for runners: Marathon training & recovery

More and more athletes are turning to natural remedies such as CBD for sports recovery. Athletes often experience runners knee, sports injuries and DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and are always seeking the best way to maintain a healthy body whilst training.

CBD is a safe and non-psychoactive supplement, helping the body to maintain homeostasis and optimising health, which is why many well known athletes have adopted CBD.

On the safe list

Since WADA removed CBD from its Prohibited List in 2018, athletes can take CBD without fear of persecution. WADA also increased the threshold for THC intake tenfold, from a mere 15 nanograms per milliliter, to 150. Amma Life CBD products contain way below the legal upper limit for THC content and are made with licensed and industrial hemp, ensuring only high quality products. 

CBD for runners: is it right for you?

We recommend you try taking CBD before using it for training, to see whether you like it. Everybody is different, so try it and see how your body reacts to it first. If you have never taken CBD before, we always recommend you check with your doctor before you start taking CBD to manage sports injuries, because it can interact with certain medicines.

Man stretching after taking CBD pre-workout

Which product to choose

Once you’ve realised the potential for incorporating CBD to manage a vigorous training schedule, you then have to choose how to take it. With so many CBD products available, you will want to experiment and find out what’s best for your lifestyle and training routine. You may find that rubbing CBD cream into muscles is your preferred method, or perhaps taking water soluble CBD in your drink during training sessions is most effective for you. 

Whichever you choose, Amma Life has a wide range of CBD products to fit most athletes’ needs. Start with a small amount of CBD and build up as your tolerance increases. A great starting product is Amma Life’s 3% CBD Oil Spray.

Whether you are running your first ever marathon this year, or you take part every year, training and sports recovery is key to race performance. Try CBD for runners (includes our CBDX Sports) and see if it relieves the after training soreness and lets you return to training quicker, as these professional athletes claim it has for them.