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Is CBD tea good for you?

Amma Life CBD tea is a natural, herbal tea that works by steeping the herbs in boiled water to activate the properties of the plant. While there are many ways to take CBD, drinking tea is a relaxing, healthy way to experience CBD and great for beginners. It’s immune supporting compounds means that this is good way to add cannabinoids to your lifestyle.

Amma Life CBD tea and CBD & Mint tea are naturally caffeine free, making them a healthy alternative hot drink for after meals in the evening to help you relax, without getting ‘the jitters’ you might experience with caffeinated drinks.

Our award-winning CBD and Mint tea is a fantastic choice, with Healthy Foods Best of Health award judges describing it as “fresh tasting” and keen to recommend it to [their] readers”. All Amma Life CBD products are tested and certified by third party labs, free from pesticides, heavy metals and fungicides, vegan-friendly and natural, meaning you can feel safe in knowing what your purchase contains. Our tea bags are biodegradable and the teas come only from the finest European-grown leaves.

How long does it take to work?

The time it takes to feel the effects varies from person to person according to various factors, but we generally say it can take around an hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less; depending on the person.

The strength of the CBD content in tea and the tolerance of the person taking it are two of the main factors that govern this. Research is showing that CBD drinks are easily absorbed by the body with increased bio-availability. Just by adding hot water to the herbs that are rich in CBDa, this activated the properties of cannabidiol. Regular intake of CBD can support our immune system in many ways. The CBD content in Amma Life CBD tea is a healthy 2-3% per cup, and it can be a very effective choice of adding CBD to your lifestyle!

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Immune Supporting CBD Tea

When should I drink CBD tea?

At any time of day!

It can be a healthy way to replace your coffee in the morning, or that afternoon pick-me-up habit you’ve been trying to kick. The CBD & Mint tea can be a mellow and relaxing way to finish a large meal, especially with the peppermint herbs known to ease digestion; or a calming drink to take to bed with you at night and sip with a good book before sleep.

Does it make you tired?

The short answer is, no. Due to its association with the plant and its psychoactive cousin THC, it is understandable that many people will want to ask this question. But almost in contradiction to THC, CBD may actually have the opposite effect. The Amma Life range of CBD teas contain 0% THC.

This means CBD tea is a great choice of drink to maintain a calm focus throughout the day, whilst supporting your immune system.

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Is CBD tea legal in the UK?

CBD is legal in the UK, providing the level of THC is below 0.2% in the grown and harvested hemp plant, and below 0.1% in the finished product. Our CBD teas are completely THC free.

We cannot advise on countries outside of the UK, so please check before taking it with you if you are travelling internationally.