Can I pack CBD when I travel internationally?

If you are going on holiday this summer and plan to take your CBD oil, travel restrictions may be a worry.

Many people find that, once CBD becomes a part of their every day life, they do not want to leave it behind during their holiday or travels. However, you must be careful that you are not unintentionally breaking the laws of your destination country by doing so.

CBD is a legal health supplement in the UK and numerous other countries due to its low T.H.C. content (0.1% or less). Unfortunately, not all countries have the same rules as the UK when it comes to hemp-derived supplements. Sometimes, if the country permits CBD supplements in their country, Custom rules about bringing CBD into or out of their country may still be in place.

So should you travel with your CBD supplements, whether that be an oil, vape, paste or even tea bags?

Check before you leave

The general rule of thumb is: check the legalities and rules in the country you are travelling to before you take your CBD with you.

There is no harm calling the Customs office of the country you are travelling to if you are in any doubt. In fact, we strongly recommend that you do just to be sure.

If you do decide to take your CBD supplement with you, we recommend that you do your own checks on what is permitted in regards to your holiday destination. As it is important to be up-to-date on any Custom regulations surrounding these supplements.


Happy holiday travels!

Order CBD to be delivered to your destination country

If the company you buy your CBD products from ships abroad, it may be a good idea to order your product to arrive in the country of your destination.

However, any reputable CBD company will only ship to permitted countries. Otherwise, if there is a problem with the package at Customs, delivery may get delayed, or potentially it may never arrive at all.

Tips on taking CBD products to permitted Countries

  1. Do not try to hide your CBD.
  2. Always keep it contained within the original packaging so it is easily identifiable. Customs officers might understandably become alarmed by your supplements if they see ‘unidentifiable substances’ apparently hidden in your luggage.
  3. If officers ask about the product, explain that it is a legal health supplement containing CBD and is fully lab tested. Anecdotally, this has been enough for officers to allow the customer to take the supplement with them.

Take extra precaution when travelling abroad with your CBD products. Even though CBD contains less than 0.1% T.H.C. and is legal in this country and many others, in some countries there is still a stigma around any product deriving from the cannabis plant – an unfortunate legacy of its criminalization during the last century.

The bottom line is: if in any doubt, contact the Customs office of your destination country. All facts stated in this article are relevant at the time of publication, be sure to complete your own regulation checks just before you travel.