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Strongest CBD: Decode CBD Strength versus Price

Let’s be honest, CBD product labels aren’t always the easiest to decipher. With percentages, milligrams and milliliters in play, CBD strength can be easily misunderstood. But fear not, we have broken down the numbers so you can easily grasp which is the strongest CBD product.

And, while there are many things to consider when purchasing CBD oil, understanding the strength of a product is important even when you aren’t looking for the strongest CBD. Knowing the amount of cannabinoids and overall potency is essential when considering the price of a CBD product as well as its efficacy.

CBD Strength Decoded

The strength of CBD can be shown in both percentages and the number of milligrams (mg). You can find out the strength of a CBD product by looking at how much cannabidiol is included per volume. For example, if there’s 1000mg per 10ml the overall CBD strength will be 10%, 2000mg per 10ml the strength will be 20%, and so on. Meaning the overall size or weight of the product has little impact on the potency of the CBD, it’s all about the milligrams!

Strongest CBD: The Value & Strength Equation

An easy way to measure and compare the cost and strength of CBD products is to evaluate the cost per milligram of CBD. If potency is your main concern, then the lower the cost per mg of CBD, the better value for money – however this doesn’t take into consideration things like the extraction method, quality, delivery or service. To get the ‘price per milligram of CBD’, simply divide the price by the amount of CBD mg:


Amma Life: Strongest CBD Products

If you’re looking for great value, high quality CBD products that are highly potent, then Amma Life is the place to go. With a wide range of CBD products to suit a variety of needs, Amma Life sources and provides all-natural CBD at a fantastic rate. And, with a mixture of broad spectrum and CBD isolate products, you can experiment with both potency and method of ingestion to find what works best for your health journey. 

Amma Life’s top three maximum potency products, coming in at around 0.05p per mg each, are:  

The 30% CBD paste has been purified twice to give it a distinct flavour and maximum potency. 

The super strength 25% CBD Oil is a premium extract enriched with terpenes for an added boost. 

Brand new! The ultra strength CBD patches are a great alternative to ingesting CBD. Pop one on whilst you sleep or when you’re on the go to get a consistent, strong boost of CBD.

Finding the right CBD products for you can feel overwhelming, but don’t let the numbers stop you experiencing CBD. Amma Life has all the hallmarks of a safe, reputable CBD company. From third-party lab tests to independent reviews, we can be relied on and trusted to provide safe, high-quality CBD products.