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Buy the best CBD bundle for you!

Looking to buy CBD so that you can optimise your health and be your best self this summer? Well look no further! Introducing our NEW CBD bundles: ‘The Beginner’, ‘The Intermediate’ and ‘The Advanced’. Each bundle has specially selected products that can help supercharge your health. And with our simple categories Maintain, Boost and +Plus range), you can easily select the right CBD products for you.

Just getting started? Buy the beginner CBD bundle

Are you new to CBD? If so, make the following CBD products from our Maintain Range a part of your daily lifestyle to maintain your health. These products contain a reasonable amount of CBD (up to 999mg per product), offering a gentle introduction to supplementing your diet with CBD. And even with these relatively small doses, you will still be able to feel a positive difference to your overall well-being.


Amma Life’s award-winning CBD tea is a natural, herbal tea that works by steeping the herbs in boiled water to activate the properties of the plant. While there are many ways to take CBD, drinking tea is a relaxing, healthy way to take in cannabinoids and a great place to start your CBD journey. The CBD content in Amma Life CBD tea is a healthy 2-3% per cup. Choose from either the original CBD tea or our CBD & Mint tea – and with promotional offers currently available, now’s the time to buy.

5% CBD Oil

A true MVP of CBD products, our broad-spectrum 5% CBD oil is made with an advanced formula and enriched with terpenes. This heavy-hitter is a star product, as not only can it enhance your health regimen and further optimise your wellbeing, it also has an array of health-promoting compounds and natural ingredients that harmonise together to create the entourage effect.

Our unique extraction and purification process removes waxes, excess fats and contaminants to increase the effectiveness of the oil. So you can have an all-natural rocket in your pocket!

300mg CBD Gummies

Our naturally fruit flavoured CBD gummies offer a delicious way to consume CBD. The gummies contain a pre-measured dose of 10mg per sweet. If you want that reassurance of knowing exactly how much CBD you are taking in mg, then this is the ideal product for you.

Developed specifically to have a high bioavailability, these small-but-mighty CBD jellies start working as soon as you swallow them. Once the CBD enters your system you can begin to experience the support that cannabinoids can offer your health. 

To experience the full effects these gummies can offer you, we advise you take them for a minimum of 1-2 weeks. Luckily our jars contain the perfect starter amount, with a total of 30 gummies per jar, each with 10mg of CBD per gummy.

Buy CBD products – the Intermediate Collection when you need an extra boost!

Boost Range: If you’re looking to level-up your CBD game the intermediate CBD package is the perfect option for you. Ranging from 1000mg to 1999mg, our intermediate range offers an extra boost of CBD to support your overall well-being.

Amma Life CBD Patches

CBD patches

Buy CBD patches if you want a fuss-free dose of CBD. Amma Life CBD patches contain 30 patches, with each patch carrying a dosage of 15mg of pure cannabidiol (CBD isolate). The patch can be placed on your skin, in any desired area, and left for up to 12 hours. Using transdermal technology our patches will then transfer an exact dose of CBD directly into your bloodstream. They are hypoallergenic, vegan friendly, waterproof and, most importantly, CBD patches have a concentrated dose of CBD.

15% CBD Oil

A step up from our classic 5% CBD Oil, is the best selling 15% CBD oil which contains all the same natural goodness but is more potent! You can ingest the CBD drops just as you would the 5% CBD Oil, but it will have a stronger, more significant impact due to the naturally higher dose.

15% CBD Oil
amma life water soluble spray next to a jug and glass of fruit water

CBDX water soluble spray

Our ground-breaking CBDX Water Soluble Spray is the CBD product to buy if you are fitness orientated or always on the go. Why? Because the cannabinoids & herbs are suspended in a water-soluble solution that’s easy to consume, and can be up to 10 times more easily absorbed by the body. This spray is also produced with herbs and extra terpenes, from lavender, citrus, curcumine from turmeric together with black pepper extract, specifically so it can have a higher, more positive, impact on your overall well being. Add it to a hot or cold drink, and there you have it! An instant, healthy and more potent kick of CBD and plant power.

Need a stronger kick? Buy from the advanced +Plus CBD collection

+Plus Range: If you have been using CBD regularly and, like many of our customers, are loving the benefits but want to see the rewards of a higher potency, then our advanced collection is the option for you next time you buy CBD. The following products all exceed 2000mg of CBD, and are the perfect route to supercharge you in 2022.

25% CBD Oil

If you’re currently taking our 15% CBD Oil, then Amma Life’s 25% CBD Oil is a fantastic next option. With 2500mg of CBD, terpenes and organic hempseed oil, this little bottle packs a punch. Our advanced formula creates a purified and potent finish that can be enjoyed via ingestion and is Amma Life’s strongest CBD oil.

Strongest CBD oil - 2500mg by Amma Life
Extra Strength CBD Capsules | Amma Life

1200mg CBD Capsules

Our extra strength 1200mg CBD jar contains 60 x 20mg extra strength CBD capsules. Specifically designed to have a high bioavailability, the softgel vegan capsule starts breaking down as soon as you swallow. This allows you to start feeling the rewards of CBD instantly. Easy to swallow, flavourless and a big boost of organic, quality hemp, they make for the ultimate CBD experience. 

30% CBD Paste

Supercharge your health with Amma Life’s 30% CBD Paste! A higher, super-potent whole plant extract, this product boasts all the rewards of CBD but in a stronger format that is as close to the natural plant as you can get. This has been one of our best sellers since we introduced it back in 2016. Ideal for anyone who needs a higher dose, including gym/sport enthusiasts and those who want to experiment with concentrated CBD ingestion.

This is nature’s best kept secret.

Start on a minimal dosage, squeezing only a small amount of the paste (equivalent to 1-3 grains of rice) out of the tube and take it orally, daily.

Allow this to be absorbed directly through your tongue by waiting 10-30 seconds. If you are enjoying the effects, and it feels right to do so, you can slowly increase your dosage. It’s a simple, effective method of taking CBD with an ultra-strength CBD boost! 

And there you have it – Amma Life’s CBD bundles! So, why not delve in straight away and prepare for your supercharged summer now? It’s time to invest in your health and wellbeing with Amma Life’s quality CBD products, available in a potency perfect for you.