CBD & Sports Recovery


Launching our exclusive sports product – the CBDX Sports supplement. Designed to support athletes, gym-goers and all fitness enthusiasts in your training needs. CBD supplements will revolutionise the sports industry in 2020, due to the hemp plant’s ability to ease and aid sports recovery. Since Cannabidiol (CBD) has been accepted by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), CBD is quickly gaining popularity as a useful aid in every athletes training toolkit.

Quality guaranteed with state of the art extraction methods and independent lab tests. Amma Life CBD products are available for sale in the U.K. and EU countries.


Want to know how to enhance human performance as a professional athlete or just interested to get back into fitness and find ways to support you? Then check out this video and discover what professional athletes do to train harder & recover quicker.

CBDX Sports supplement - Supporting a healthy lifestyle

The cannabinoids and herbs are suspended in an extra strength water soluble solution that’s easy to consume. Available in an on the go pen that allows you to squeeze out what you need, the combination of CBD and curcumin (turmeric) play a key role to help you perform at your best.

✔100% natural and pesticide free

✔ Suitable for vegans

✔ Super-critical Co2 extraction

✔ Can take direct or add to hot and cold drinks

✔ Mix of compounds and curcumin (from tumeric) creates the ‘Entourage effect’ that can boost sports recovery

"CBD aids my sports recovery. CBD products help me to push myself harder in training. The quality of Amma Life products are fantastic."

- Johnny 'Swift' Smith | International Champion Kickboxer

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