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Amma Life CBD body care is designed for topical application. It is a great way to absorb the powerful cannabinoids through your skin and to leave it feeling hydrated and nourished.

Amma Life’s 500mg CBD Muscle Balm (50ml) is our latest product.

The CBD Muscle Balm can be used for multiple purposes. When massaged into your skin the CBD Muscle Balm both cools and warms the muscles and can be an aid in sports recovery after training. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

The transdermal CBD patches offer a unique solution to absorbing CBD. Slow release transdermal delivery of 15mg CBD per patch (up to 12 hours). Can be applied direct to your skin. This is a practical product and useful when you want continuous release of the compound Cannabidiol. Effective solution to replenish your CBD requirements throughout the day or night!

We are sure you will find something to suit your needs in our CBD Body Collection.