Our Story

Sophia & K


Sophia & K established Amma Life back in 2014 when Full Spectrum Hemp products (made with legal cannabis) were just emerging in the UK. The focus is to specialise in sourcing and producing the highest quality CBD products available in Europe.

We are passionate about being at the forefront of this emerging field and making cannabidiol health supplements widely available to everyone. This includes being a part of the movement to help educate communities on the many health benefits of cannabis extract. Our mission is to support people to live creative, happy, healthy lives and to tap into their unrealised potential to live life to the fullest.

Sophia & K both have over 20 years of experience working in the wellness and holistic health fields. Sophia has previously run a busy private therapeutic practise and worked at the renowned Relaxation Centre in Bristol. She has specialised working with clients that have addictions and emotional traumas, & held a healing space for true transformation to take place through therapies such as Shiatsu, Reiki and Reflexology.

Whilst Kirk is better known as one the pioneers of Drum and Bass music, he has received many awards including the Mercury Music prize in 1997 for the band project Reprazent. After becoming a NLP Master practitioner and developing his own style of coaching based on the psychology of performance and entertainment industry, he has helped people overcome business and personal challenges to realise their potential.

Our Mission

'We have started an exciting journey towards the restoration of optimal health. We have taken the opportunity to work with Nature’s hemp to support optimal health for everyone; at Amma Life this is our number one priority. When you join this community you will be connected to amazing information to achieve an ultimate life, improved health, wellbeing and creative flow, now and in the future

We define Amma Life as the openness to act beyond the confines of the present moment, and to achieve the unachievable. And so it is with great pleasure that we extend this invitation to you. For everyone who wants optimal health, we look forward to traveling with you.'


Hemp crop

What is unique about Amma Life Products?

We work closely with a small group of Dutch farmers. They are experts in cultivating Cannabidiol-rich hemp crops with over 20 years of experience in this industry.

All of the hemp (legal cannabis) is grown organically and outdoors as Nature intended.