I feel calm (even in a crises), my anxiety has disappeared and I feel more productive/motivated than I have in years!

As a live in P.A/Carer I often do sleep in night shifts at work. I had been struggling to get enough good quality sleep, which was, in turn, exacerbating my stress levels, anxiety, general well being and most importantly - the ability to do my job well. Since starting a daily evening dose of 1 drop of C.B.D oil, my quality of sleep has improved immensely, I feel calm (even in a crises), my anxiety has disappeared and I feel more productive/motivated than I have in years! The fact that it's a 100% natural/organic product is another huge plus point for me. Amma Life C.B.D oil is a real life game changer. I can't recommend it highly enough! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Namaste.

Anthea Lee


Less Stressed & Calmer, Quality Sleep Means Less is Needed    

I started using Amma life about 4 weeks ago.  The biggest difference I have noticed is that I am getting to sleep easier.  I also feel very calm and tranquil, and I do not get as stressed out as easily.  I have been recommending it to lots of my friends.  I certainly notice a difference in my way of being.  I have been getting up earlier and have been having a better quality of sleep since I have been taking Amma Life.  A couple of drops in the morning and at night... Who would have thought that quality sleep and general calmness could be so easy to attain.  Thanks for making me aware about this.  Awesome product.  Awesome results! 

Peace Love and Unity 

Rich Wyatt




Asthma: Reduced Inhaler Usage     

Hi, I met you at the Health Revolution seminar last month (in London). I bought some CBD oil and what you said about it is true. It's amazing. I have gone from having to take my asthma inhaler 6 times daily to zero. After I had been taking CBD for only a week, 3 drops per day.  I haven't taken my inhaler that I was previously reliant on. My asthma had got progressively worse while being pregnant with my son who is now 2I was having an asthma attack approximately 3 times a week. So yes I was reliant on my inhaler!! 

I never thought that I would be without it (the inhaler)!!


Linsey Rendle




Improved Sleep & Digestion          

I have been using Amma Life CBD oil for 4 weeks and so far I have noticed an obvious difference in the quality of my sleep & my digestive system has improved significantly. I feel much healthier and will continue to include this is my daily practice and lifestyle.

Thank you Amma Life   

Kerry O'Brian  





Calmer, Better Quality Sleep, Less Sleep Required, Improved Well-being                

I can really feel the benefits of Ammalife CBD Oil. I definitely feel more calm and already notice that my sleeping has improved. I am waking up feeling more energised as though I have had more sleep when in reality sometimes I have had less sleep. The oil has improved the quality of the sleep I have been having. I would definitely recommend Amma life CBD Oil for anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing. 

Leanne Morris- Well-being Coach    




Pain Relief for Muscular Aches/ Improved and Deeper Sleep, Less Sleep           



I was introduced to CBD in December 2014 and started to take it orally on 22nd December to this day (27th January 2015).  I was recommended to start on very low dose and adjust to my needs as time went on but in my enthusiasm and probably arrogance I started on a high dose of 2 x 3 drops per day.  I have gradually cut it down to 1 drop per night and to great effect.  I am a 52 year old white male, with type 1 diabetes and an under-active thyroid.

1.     The first benefits I noticed was that my sleep became much deeper, increasing REM and recalling dreams every morning since day one.  Getting a deeper sleep has meant needing less sleep as well (8 hours to 6 or 7hours) and having more energy to achieve the things I need to achieve.  

2.     Other benefits have been a reduction in pain levels, I had neck & lower back pain, not debilitating but enough to feel uncomfortable and this seems to have disappeared.

3.     I have type 1 diabetes and my glucose levels seem to be lower and stable, it is difficult to assess if this is due to CBD but something I have noticed.

4.     I have had a couple of minor infections over the last month and they have cleared up overnight, whilst all around me seem to be dropping like flies.

5.     Now I have found my level, my thinking is sharper and memory improving and I have noticed that my concentration is better, against the backdrop of a very busy and stressful job.

6.     Finally, anxiety seems to be easing and smoother, which in turn would help with cognitive functions.

One can never truly say if the change is due to CBD but my observations are in line with my start date and I will continue to take 1 drop per evening and monitor the benefits, it’s like a bit of a subtle light has switched on, I would highly recommend it, in fact I have bought a bottle for my sister, who suffers intolerable pain.

Darren McEvoy                      





Improved Sleep/ Less Sleep Required                     

Hi.. I tried your Amma Life product. Didn't really know what to expect at first, I have been using the oil for 2-3 weeks and my sleeping pattern has become routine without the need of an alarm clock.. Not saying I would turn my alarm off... Just making the point that I've been waking up on time.. Feeling a lot better about getting up and getting on with the day..I've also found if (I) sleep late I still wake up the same time not feeling like I slept late.. I will continue to use the product until my bottle runs out and pass by again to let you know about other benefits it is having on my life.

Thank you Amma Life. 


Darron Clemmings C.E.O. Albany  Records LTD   





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