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25% CBD Oil (10ml) & 30% CBD Paste (3g) Bundle

What makes a better partnership than the super potent 25% CBD Oil (2500mg) 10ml bottle together with the super strong 30% CBD paste (900mg).

30% Purified CBD Paste (3000mg/10g)

The 30% CBD paste has been purified twice using the premium extraction method to give it its distinct flavour and potency.



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20% CBD Oil (2000mg)

BRAND NEW…Highly concentrated superior blend of cannabinoids & terpenes.

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25% CBD Oil (2500mg)

Super strength 25% CBD Oil is a whole plant extract enriched with terpenes

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Choose from a wide range of high quality and innovative CBD products designed to suit your everyday lifestyle. Amma Life CBD products offer quality guarantee and independent 3rd party lab tests on their CBD supplement range which have been carefully crafted to support your wellbeing.