The entourage effect shows us that a broad spectrum extract is preferable over using CBD isolates (CBD only).This is where the synergy of a spectrum of cannabinoids responds more potently than a single plant compound does.

The CBD is expertly extracted to ensure some of the key cannabinoids remain in the final extract. This is the key to creating a superior entourage effect. The terpenes and terpenoids remain active after the extraction process.

Hemp is a sturdy plant that can grow well in harsh conditions. No pesticides or herbicides are used to grow the plant. The GMO-free crop grows outdoors in europe. We work with specialist and licensed farmers in Holland, Spain & Lithuania to always source the highest grade raw materials.

Every batch is tested by the farmers, at production stage when the formula is locked to maintain consistency and again by independent third parties for CBD strength, cannabinoid profile summary; plus microbiological testing against mould, yeasts, nasty bacterias & heavy metal content. You can find the lab tests on each product page.

You can find the lab tests on each product page. The CBD lab tests can be found in the image gallery of every CBD based product listing.

Yes it does. Some moderate heat can be good to activate the cannabinoids, though this is not necessary before taking the CBD supplements. It is not advisable to heat the CBD for long periods (ie cooking) as this will degrade the quality and potency of the products. We do not advise heating with temperatures above 80-100 degrees Celsius.

It is okay to add the CBD oil to your food once already cooked, for example stirring into a ready made bowl of soup, or adding the water soluble CBDx to a hot drink. The CBDa tea has been created to be more effective when hot water is added to the teabag. These actions will simply activate the cannabinoids and its properties, which can help to enhance the effects.

The maximum daily dose recommended for an adult is 70mg of CBD.

These products are filled by hand and carefully measured. However, the appearance of air bubbles can occur when products are in transit and even slight fluctuations in temperature can cause an air bubble to appear.

The products are individually weight-checked after filling. In any product there may be a little bubble. This usually doesn’t mean there is less paste in the product.

If you would still like to check your product with us, or request a replacement. Just pop us an email with a photo of your current product and order reference number to

As this is a natural product, the CBD paste may vary slightly from batch to batch in both its colour and consistency.


We offer two methods of payment – card payment or bank transfer.

A card payment will ensure the quickest dispatch time of your order, while with a bank transfer your order will not be dispatched before we can confirm payment has arrived in our account (this can take anything from 1 hour to 1 working day for UK bank transfers, and longer for non-UK bank transfers).

Our system is set up to only allow payments through from cards registered in the UK. If your card is registered outside of the UK then our system will automatically decline the payment, regardless of funds available.

If your card is registered in the UK and your payment is still being declined, this could be due to the 3D secure not being an option for your bank card or the 3D secure not being set up. All bank card transactions require the added security of 3D secure at payment (this is an option that is provided with Visa and Mastercards).

How do I know if I have 3D secure?

3D Secure is a technical standard created by Visa and MasterCard to further secure CNP (Card-holder Not Present) transactions over the Internet. MasterCard brands their system as ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ and Visa call theirs ‘Verified by Visa’.

Another reason could be that you have reached your daily usage limit on your card. If it is none of the above reasons we would recommend speaking to your bank.

How else can I pay?

In the meantime, you can choose to pay via online bank transfer, just choose the Bank Deposit option at Checkout. If this is not an option, please do contact us on so we can help you find another way to complete your order.

Depending on your bank BACS payment generally takes 1 working day to clear if paying from a UK bank account. For payments made outside of the UK it generally takes a little longer, usually 3-5 working days. Once the payment has been fully processed, your order will go into the queue for dispatch. Dispatch generally occurs within 24 hours of cleared payment Mon-Fri, if payment clears over the weekend then your order will be dispatched on the Monday.

If you live in Jersey, you are exempt from UK VAT therefore this will be excluded from your order.

In order to ensure that VAT is not added, please ensure that you select Jersey from the delivery country option during checkout (see screenshot).

Frequently asked questions

All orders are sent out as 1st class delivery.

Deliveries within the UK: Royal Mail advise a wait of 1-5 working days for 1st class deliveries. Although we find most orders arrive next working day, we advise all customers to allow 5 working days for delivery. If your order has not reached you by the 5th working day then pop us an email to

Deliveries within the EU: Royal Mail advise a wait of 4-7 working days for 1st class deliveries within the EU. You will receive a tracking code to follow your package. If your order has not reached you by the 8th working day then pop us an email to

UK: We off Express delivery where our select couriers aim to delivery your package within 1-2 working days. In order to get your order dispatched the same day please order (and pay for your order) before 1pm Monday – Friday. For orders over £90 this is a free service. If you wish to opt for Express delivery for an order under £90, you can select the upgraded Express and Tracked delivery option. Please note that selecting this option after 1pm WILL NOT guarantee same day shipping.

All orders made after 1pm on Thursday will be dispatched on Friday and be scheduled to arrive the following week on either the Monday (the next working day) or Tuesday.

EU: We do not currently offer Express delivery outside of the UK.

We ship to the UK including channel Islands and plan to ship to some EU countries in the near future:

Isle of Man, Jersey, United Kingdom

Please note as of 1st January 2021 the UK is no longer a part of the EU. There may be import VAT charges when you ship a package to an EU country. There will be NO VAT charged at checkout, instead your country may add an import charge prior to delivery. The rate will depend on import charge levels for your specific country.

No, you will not be charged 20% VAT for Jersey or EU countries.

Please note as of 1st January 2021 the UK is no longer a part of the EU. There may be import VAT charges when you ship a package to an EU country. There will be NO VAT charged at checkout, instead your country may add an import charge prior to delivery (Customs fees). The rate will depend on import charge levels for your specific country.

If your UK order has not reached you within 5 working days, please send us an email with your reference number and confirmation of your shipping address to

If you are ordering from the EU please allow up to 8 days for your package to arrive. If it is not with you by the 8th day then send us an email with your reference number and confirming your shipping address to

If you have completed your order with an incomplete address/missing postcode please call us on 0330 088 0537 ASAP.

Please note that our warehouse work swiftly and at times your order may be prepared for dispatch in a short space of time from when the order is made. In these circumstances, we can no longer alter the shopping address you added to your order.

The phone lines are available Mon/Wed/Fri from 10am - 2pm GMT, and can sometimes be busy during peak times. If you are unable to get through immediately then do send us an email with your order reference number and correct postal address to

As we are an online business we do not currently offer a collection service. All orders are posted out FREE of charge and as 1st class delivery. When ordered before 1pm (Mon-Fri) your order will be dispatched same day, so it should arrive soon.

You can buy Amma Life CBD supplements in our partnership retail stores across the country. Please send an email to get a list of health stores that you can visit near you.

Other Questions

We offer Wholesale opportunities to established businesses – if you are interested in opening an account with us please send us an email to making sure to include the information below:

  • Companies House Number or sole trader details
  • Registered Business Name
  • Website
  • Company Director’s Name and full contact details

As a company our aim is to keep the price of CBD products as affordable as possible. For this reason we no longer offer free samples.

We sell the following Amma Life CBD products in smaller sample sizes for you to try:

CBD paste collection – 1g samples

There is no research on women taking CBD whilst pregnant or breastfeeding to state whether it is safe or not safe to take. For this reason we do not recommend women to start taking CBD while pregnant or nursing.

Most people are absolutely fine with taking a few drops of CBD oil, or a small amount of CBD in another form (paste, tea, water soluble spray).

However, as we are all individuals we advise you get to know the new CBD product you have purchased. Start off be taking only 1-2 drops/ or similar dosage of paste a few hours before considering to drive. So that you can observe your body’s own response to the CBD intake.

If you feel too relaxed to drive, try having some food to eat & water to drink. Then wait another 20-30 minutes to see how you feel then.

Amma Life CBD products are designed as food supplements for adults only.

There are a couple of things we would advise you consider – some countries outside the EU do have different guidelines on CBD products and what strengths are allowed. You can see exact strength of CBD levels on the lab tests provided, these are available on the product pages. If you wish to purchase a CBD product and take it abroad you must check to see what is permitted in that country.

We do not keep up to date on regulations in all countries so this is something that it may be worth researching further yourself.

We do have customers that do take Amma Life CBD with them to other countries, especially within the EU, seemingly with no issues. However this is not something we can offer any advice on, purely because the guidelines are either unclear or non-existent for this type of product on what Customs from each country permits.

As this is a food supplement, under UK law we cannot offer recommendations for specific symptoms or illnesses, even for our furry family. The Veterinary Medicine Association and the Canna Trade Association (CTA) are in ongoing discussions with regards to being able to promote CBD products for pets. but as it stands we are unable to advise on CBD use for pets.

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