Our Mission

Our mission is for everyone to benefit from superior grade CBD supplements, and to live a healthy, creative & happy life.

By choosing a lifestyle that invites the regular use and intake of CBD; from the very first cup of CBD tea in the morning, to taking a few drops of CBD oil throughout the day, then applying CBD patches onto your skin every evening to benefit from the slow release of CBD all night long.

We can enjoy the goodness of hemp and let it play a part in us living life to the fullest.

Our Community

By joining this community we will keep you updated on the latest information about how cannabinoids can help everyone to gain optimal health. CBD is currently the most well known cannabinoid, however there are over 100 other cannabinoids present in the plant, as well as all of the wonderful terpenes. This is why we only add premium extracts to our CBD supplements product range. The entourage effect gained from ingesting a broad spectrum of cannabinoids is greater than choosing CBD isolates.

We are only just beginning to discover the extent of the immense potential hemp can have to help us achieve true wellbeing.

Quality Guaranteed

At Amma Life, we have discovered some of Europe’s most specialist hemp farmers, growing their crops outdoors in Netherlands, Spain and Lithuania without any pesticides or herbicides. Just as nature intended. The highest grade of GMO-free seed is used to produce the finest crops. State of the art extraction methods are then applied to create superior-grade CBD oils and the best CBD products in the world. All batches of CBD are tested regularly by independent third parties to ensure that the exact content of CBD is present in every bottle. We also test to ensure no heavy metals, fungi or unpleasant microbes are in there.

We do not stop there, at Amma Life we are passionate about giving more! We continuously strive to find new ways to ensure our customers get the most out of their CBD supplements, introducing innovative ranges such as our Water Soluble CBDX Spray and CBD tea.

Living the Amma Way

Amma Life is a pioneering UK CBD company that began life back in 2014, when CBD products were just emerging in the UK. The word Amma originates from the West African Dogon Tribe and was the term used to describe their supreme creator or Sky God. It relates to the unformed, created universe, full of unrealised potential. CBD is at the forefront of a new consciousness, and CBD products can act as a vehicle to help others achieve their unrealised potential. We regularly witness the optimising health effects of hemp and its main active component, Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD oil and extracts are just one element of a balanced lifestyle, alongside a healthy diet, relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga, regular exercise and self-care. We embrace this holistic approach and our dream is to create an Amma Life community where we can help to educate the world about hemp and combine our greatest passions: complementary health, mind/body techniques & healing sounds. Look out for future retreats run by Amma Life!

“We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to achieving optimal health, wellbeing and creative flow, now and in the future. We at Amma Life look forward to travelling with you.”