What is stopping you training with CBD for sports?

What is stopping you training with CBD for sports?
Many sports people, athletes and competitors across the world are turning to CBD for sports recovery after training. Despite the many positive anecdotes from well-known sports people, including Nate Diaz and Eddie Hall, there are still some athletes who are reluctant to try it. Concerns such as side effects, stigma around CBD products, and lack of awareness means many sports professionals are missing out. In this blog we aim to help alleviate any worries you may have about taking CBD for sports recovery.

Sports related DOMS

The impact of sports recovery can be a major hindrance for sports people in training.
Vigorous, intense exercise can be a big strain on the body for even the most fit and healthy. As muscles rub against each other during training, they can get sore and tear. Muscle recovery can only begin once the swelling has died down. CBD can help with sports recovery. This can be a real game changer during intense periods of sports training.

What about side effects?

CBD, is a natural cannabinoid that already exists in our body as part of our endocannabinoid system, which modulates the activity of neurons.
As you train, you will sometimes put more pressure on your body than it was designed to take. Using a CBD supplement before and after training can help athletes return to their pre training state, by supporting sports recovery.

Is it legal for athletes to take CBD?

Yes. CBD was removed from the WADA list of prohibited substances back in early 2018. All Amma Life CBD products are suitable for sports and athletic training.


What are you waiting for?

At Amma Life, we believe every sports enthusiast should be using CBD, just like the professionals such as the world’s strongest man, Eddie Hall, and martial arts champion Nate Diaz. If you have a worry about using it for your training schedule and we haven’t covered it here, please get in touch. We would love to know your concerns so we can help more sports people discover the world of CBD for sports.

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