Meet the sports celebs taking CBD

Meet the sports celebs taking CBD

Stigma around the use of CBD products still remains due its hemp plant origins, but more and more athletes are opening up about their everyday use of CBD. Sports people all across the globe are realising the potential of using CBD for sports and adopting the supplement to help them succeed.

Johnny Smith

Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith, professional kickboxer and WKN Intercontinental Professional super-welterweight champion, uses Amma Life CBD paste both before and after a fight.He says, “I take it before training in the morning and before my afternoon session. I take a third and final dose of CBD paste in the evening before bed. I find that Amma Life CBD helps a lot with sports recovery and helping my body recover from a tough training session.”
Johnny talks about his use of CBD for sports recovery in this video.

Nate Diaz

Diaz, a professional UFC fighter since 2007, has been very open about his use of CBD. During a conference in which he was smoking a vape, a journalist asked him, “Just for the record, what exactly are you smoking?”
He replied, “CBD. It helps...” Explaining that he smokes it before and after a fight, he added, “it’ll make your life a better place.”

Eddie Hall

If the world’s strongest man uses CBD, who are we to argue?
UK-born Hall talks regularly about his experiences with CBD. In his YouTube series, CBD Asylum, Hall explains, “CBD products helped me massively on my journey to becoming the world’s strongest man.”
“They aid your general wellbeing… putting you in a much better ... state of going out and achieving your goals.”

Liz Carmouche

Carmouche, one of the first openly gay female MMA fighters to compete in UFC, uses topical CBD and salves to train harder and aid post workout recovery.
Speaking out against the use of ibuprofen and other medications taken by sports people to aid recovery in an interview, she said, “we take so much impact and destruction to our bodies; we need to find something to take care.” She adds, “CBD doesn’t have any side effects. Athletes realize that more and more.”

Ryan VandenBussche

The Canadian retired professional ice hockey player goes as far as to say CBD was key to sports recovery.
Speaking to Men’s Health, VandenBussche discuuses his 14-year professional athletic career and claims that it's better than the alternative. Vanden Bussche has now become an active promoter and supporter of CBD. In 2013 he purchased 64 acres of land and applied for consent to farm hemp that could help thousands like him for many years to come.

CBD is a safe and non-psychoactive supplement. Many athletes across the globe are beginning to join the CBD sports movement. Check out our range of whole plant CBD products and join the CBD revolution today!

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