Give life to your salad with CBD [recipe]

Give life to your salad with CBD [recipe]

If dining al fresco with a delicious CBD salad sounds delightful - that’s because it is. The history of cooking with CBD-rich hemp dates as far back as the 10th century, but fortunately for us CBD has come out of its hiatus and re-entered our recipes. So, ever conscious of ours and our customers’ health, we asked ‘what could be healthier than a CBD salad?’, and with much thought and many taste tests we have created a CBD salad that will wow you and your friends.

Stilton, Apple, Walnut and CBD Salad

RECIPE (Serves 4):
- 1 head of romaine lettuce
- 100g of watercress
- 2 red apples
- 1tbsp of lemon juice
- 125g of mature Stilton
- 100g of walnuts
- 100g of prosciutto (optional – leave out for a veggie version!)DRESSING
- 1tsp of lemon juice
- 1tbsp of honey
- 5 to 8 drops (less than 1ml) of CBD oil
- 3tbsp of walnut oil
- 2tbsp of white wine or red wine vinegar
- Salt and pepper to taste.METHOD:
1. Heat oven to 175C (350F).
2. Place your walnuts on a greaseproof paper lined tray and pop them in the preheated oven. Toast your walnuts for 10 minutes and then allow them to cool to room temperature.
3. Rinse your romaine lettuce and then roughly slice it into 1-inch strips. Once sliced, place the lettuce leaves into your serving dish.
4. Rinse your watercress, trimming any long stems and add these to your serving dish.
5. Core both your apples and then slice them lengthways into thin strips. Once sliced brush your apples with lemon juice to prevent discolouration. Place the apple slices into the serving dish, try to make sure they are fairly evenly distributed throughout the salad.
6. Crumble half the stilton with the flat of your knife and again evenly distribute the cheese throughout the salad.
7. Roughly tear your prosciutto, again place it evenly throughout the salad (If you are doing the veggie version skip this step out).
8. Combine all the dressing ingredients in a little jug (you can use the leftover lemon juice from the apples in your dressing). Stir the ingredients until all blended together.
9. When you are ready to serve, roughly chop the toasted walnuts and crumble the remaining stilton then sprinkle them over the top of the salad.
10. Lastly, add your dressing and serve immediately.

Why include CBD in your salad?

CBD has become a staple on our shelves and is now working its way into all our recipes. Why? Because CBD supports a healthy thus happier lifestyle. But why a CBD salad? Well, by keeping the CBD at room temperature you ensure the integrity of its composition. In addition, a study found that consuming CBD with dietary fat (aka the good fats, such as olive, walnut or avocado oil) helps your body absorb CBD, so combining CBD with the walnut oil in this dressing will help you get the most from your dose.

Why we love our CBD salad

Let’s be honest, no matter what we see on Instagram, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a struggle for everyone. But in choosing this CBD salad you’ve already taken two steps in the right direction, by combining both healthy eating and immune-supporting supplements. So why not take your health into your own hands and into your own kitchen with this tasty, revitalising CBD salad?

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