Health Apps for your Mind, Body & Soul

Health Apps for your Mind, Body & Soul

As 2021 beckons a New Year, a new you and a new lockdown (cry), we have decided to draw up a list of (mostly free!) health apps that can help you!

Like it or not, our phones have become essential life lines during lockdown. They have helped us to escape, to connect, to explore new passions, and most importantly - to stay healthy.  But with so many apps out there, how do you choose which health apps best suit you? Join us as we look at 14 top health apps that can motivate your New Year's resolutions and boost your lockdown outlook!

Health apps for your mind

1. Headspace
Headspace teaches you mindfulness meditation with a range of ‚Äėpacks‚Äô available to help you better every area of your life. From sleep, to relationships, to anxiety and restlessness. Headspace encourages everyone to see mindfulness as more than just a daily practise, but as a way of life. It features daily group meditation sessions, mindful workouts and focus soundtracks from musicians such as Hans Zimmer and John Legend. With a two week free trial, after that ¬£49.99 per year.
Available on: IOS & Android2. Exhale
Exhale is the first emotional wellbeing app that was created by and for Black, Indigenous Women of Colour (BIWOC). The app assists you on your mental health journey by offering refuge and healing via coaching talks, meditations and affirmations.
Available on: IOS & Android
3. Meditopia
Meditopia provides personalised mindfulness meditations. The health app aims to give their participants long term solutions to anxieties and stressers, so that they build mental resilience in their everyday lives. 
Available on: IOS & Android
4. My Possible Self
My Possible Self is a health app that brings content together from world leading experts. Their aim is to help you manage fear, anxiety and tackle unhelpful thinking in general. With features such as ‚ÄėMood Tracker‚Äô and a wealth of learning modules, this app is a platform that teaches kindness to oneself.¬†
Available on: IOS & Android

Health apps for your body

1. Nike Training Club
Nike‚Äôs health app is an interactive platform that offers a HUGE range of workouts, from yoga, to dance, to HIIT sessions. You can track your activity, set yourself goals and join a supportive online community that offers coaching and wellness talks. Join the community now to get involved in their ‚ÄėYou can‚Äôt be stopped challenge‚Äô!¬†
Available on: IOS & Android2. Samsung Health App
Samsung health app comes ready installed on most Samsung phones, and started life as a simple step counter. Now you can track all sorts of workouts such as running, hiking and exercise biking. The app also measures your time, speed, distance, and elevation so you can track your progress over time. It can automatically add your hours of sleep and you can manually track your food, water, weight, heart rate and stress levels. You can challenge yourself, or set challenges with friends in your contact list using the ‚ÄėTogether‚Äô function. There is also a range of workouts, fitness programmes and mindfulness resources.
Available on: Android
3. Clue
Clue is a period tracker app that predicts when your next menstrual cycle will start and how many days it will last for, based on the data you input. The more data you share with the app, the more predictions it can make for you. Track your symptoms such as stomach cramps, mood swings, skin, libido, sleep and energy levels to find out how your cycles affect you. Free to use, or subscribe to Clue Plus, £23.99 per year, for extra features.
Available on: IOS & Android
4. Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle is a health app that rates the quality of your sleep each night. By monitoring how many hours you were in a deep sleep, light sleep or awake, it can offer personalised guidance on how to get a better night’s sleep. The alarm feature also assesses the quality of your sleep, so it only goes off when you are lightly sleeping, so not to disturb a period of deep sleep after a restless night. Upgrade for more in-depth sleep statistics for £29.99 per year
Available on: IOS, Android & Huawei
5. Smokefree
Have you decided to quit? Well get ready to commit with Smokefree! The health app helps you track your cravings, and marks your progress by counting all the pennies and hours of life you save. 
Available on: IOS & Android
6. Drinkaware
After a booze-filled Christmas are you looking to cut back? Or just be more aware of your unit intake? Then Drinkaware is the health app for you. Features include calorie counting, and an extensive database of alcoholic brands so you can keep an accurate record of your drinking habits. And with factual, informative feedback on health and cost benefits so you can better manage your drinking habits. 
Available on: IOS & Android

Health apps for your soul

1. Deliciously Ella 
Whether you are committing yourself to Veganuary or trying to eat healthier, Deliciously Ella is the app for you. With over 600 plant-based, easy to make recipes that are updated weekly - there is a wealth of foody goodness that will make healthy eating easy! With shopping list, coaching and meditation features, this health app is one for the soul! 
Available on: IOS & Android
2. Viber
Viber is a health app that connects you to a supportive online community. So if you need someone to listen or to give advice, you can seek support from other like-minded individuals. It is important in times such as these to reach out and acquaint yourself with people who are eager to support you and give you refuge.
Available on: IOS & Android3. Google Play Books
Free audio books are a rare find, but luckily Google has come through so that you can quite literally escape into another world. From best-selling authors such as Dan Brown all the way through to self-help books advising you on how to survive a pandemic, there is something to stimulate every soul. 
Available here for IOS & here for Android
4. Streaks 
A mix of mind, body and soul - streaks allows you to compete with yourself on a daily basis, so that you are continuously bettering yourself. A kind of active to-do list, this health app is for that person who loves to check off their to-dos and wants to form good habits! Whether your to-do might be walking the dog or flossing your teeth, this is a step-by-step app that steadily increases your productivity. 
Available on: IOS

We hope that our little introduction to some of our top health apps can help you be the best you in 2021! And as part of our dedication towards your best self, we have some great offers on a range of products that can be found in our Offers & Bundles section. Whether it be CBD oil or CBD tea bags, there are a plethora of CBD products that can help boost your mental wellbeing and overall health, so don’t miss out!

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