Want to spread the CBD love? Refer a friend and earn money off!

Want to spread the CBD love? Refer a friend and earn money off!

Feeling the CBD love? Want to earn money off future purchases with Amma Life? Thought so! Read on to find out how to spread the love and save a packet with Star Drop Rewards Refer a Friend scheme.

What are Star Drop Rewards?

At Amma Life we want to say thank you every time you buy from us. That’s why when you sign up for an account with us, you can start earning money off your purchases with Star Drop Rewards points. There are several ways to earn: 

  1. Get 250 points just for signing up for an account with us (free, and easy to do! See below for a step by step guide)
  2. Earn Star Drop Points for buying Amma Life products*. (You can even earn points for products you have bought with your points! How great is that!?)
  3. Earn a whopping 1000 Star Drop Points for Referring-a-Friend. You will get the points when your friend makes a purchase of over £25 total order value.
  4. Get 250 points for sharing a product or purchase on Facebook or Twitter, or following us on Instagram. 

Let’s talk you through how to do all the above, so you can start earning money off today!

Sign up for an account

This is by far the easiest way to earn money off! You only need to sign up once and your 250 points will be automatically added to your account. From the home page, click Login/Register in the top right hand corner:Then enter your details on the next page:To check your balance after signing up for an account and at any time, check the Star Drop Points area of your Account:

Earn points each time you buy

Simply make your purchase, and the points you earned will be added to your account. 
Points earned will vary according to which product you buy. Some products earn you more than others; for example a bottle of 25% CBD oil earns you 1150 points, and a box of CBD tea will earn you 125 points. 
Keep an eye on how many points you will earn by looking at each individual product description:

Refer a friend and share the CBD love

When you signed up for an account, you were automatically assigned an unique URL. When a friend clicks on your unique URL and successfully makes a purchase for the first time for over £25 worth of Amma Life CBD products, 1000 Star Drop points will be added to your account!
You can find your unique code by following the directions above to the Star Drop Points area of your Account, then scrolling down until you see this area:To share your unique referral code with anyone, simply copy and paste it anywhere.

Social media

Or you can create a simple social media post, already made for you to share on your Facebook or Twitter account. Simply click either of the two social media buttons to the right of the referral link, and a new window will open. Facebook will look like this:And Twitter will look like this:This makes it super easy for any of your friends to find and click on your unique link. The link will take them to the Amma Life home page and they can make a purchase as normal, but because the link is unique to you, any purchase they make will be linked to your account and you can earn points from it! 
You can share any individual product on Facebook or Twitter, too. Just click on the buttons in the product description, just below the SKU number: As long as you are logged into your account when you click the social media buttons, your unique code will be used in the post, and the points will be added to your account if it leads to a purchase.
You can also earn 250 points just by following us on Instagram! While logged into your account, just click on the black Follow button (as pictured) and it will take you to your Instagram account. Your click will be registered and 250 points will be added to your account!

How do I use my points?

So you’ve earned points from successfully doing the above things. Now it’s time to start getting money off! There are a few things you need to know before you can start getting money off Amma Life CBD. 
Before you can start using Star Drop points, you first need to earn enough points to start redeeming them. The minimum points you need for your first redemption is 1000. After that you will need a minimum of 1500 in your account for each redemption. You will need to make a purchase with a minimum order value of £25 in order to use your points.
1000 points earns you £5 off. 10,000 points earns you £50 off, and is the maximum you can redeem in any one purchase.

Start sharing the CBD love today!

Now you know how easy it is, there’s really no reason not to share the CBD love with the world and earn money off at the same time! If you have difficulty with any of the above don’t hesitate to get in touch. We want to make it as easy as possible for you earn money off and spread the word about the award-winning Amma Life CBD products today.

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