CBD Water: What it is and how to make it

CBD Water: What it is and how to make it

Want to know one of the easiest and most effective ways to take CBD? Drink it. With Amma Life’s water soluble CBDX spray, it couldn’t be easier to make your own CBD water, to hydrate your health with ease. Read on to find out how.

Why CBD water?

Drinking CBD is not only an easy way to take CBD, it’s also highly effective. It may contain only a small amount of CBD, but did you know that your body may actually absorb up to ten times more CBD from it? This is down to increased bioavailability.Simply put, the particles in the Amma Life CBDX spray are much smaller and therefore more easily absorbed than an oil, meaning the body has an easier time breaking it down to its useful parts and making use of it. This also means the body absorbs it quicker than it normally would.

How to make CBD water?

You can add the Amma Life CBDX water soluble spray or the 3% CBD spray to hot or cold drinks. Simply add one or two sprays to your favourite drink, sip and enjoy! See our video for an example of how to take it.If you are new to CBD, we recommend starting off with one spray and seeing how you get on for a few days. Then if you feel ready, increase this to two sprays, and so on.We also made a delicious pumpkin spiced CBD latte and a mango sorbet CBD cocktail - check out our recipes!

Why make it yourself?

For best results, make your own CBD water and drink it the same day. This is because CBD naturally starts to break down over time when exposed to light and oxygen. So making the CBD water yourself, on the same day you are going to consume it, reduces the likelihood of losing its effectiveness. It also gives you greater control over the dose you are taking, when compared to pre-made CBD water.The container your CBD product comes in should ideally be dark and completely watertight. Our CBDX Water Soluble spray bottle is leak-proof, meaning the contents are not exposed to oxygen, and it is protected with a covering that reduces the amount of light that can get in.

The athlete's best friend

CBD and exercise are great partners. Check out the many reasons why CBD is becoming hugely popular amongst athletes and professional sports people. Everyone knows staying hydrated while working out is crucial. By adding CBD to your water bottle and taking it with you while you train, you can stay hydrated and aid muscle recovery at the same time.Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith, professional kickboxer and WKN Intercontinental Super Welterweight champion, says “CBD products help me to push myself harder in training. The quality of Amma Life products are fantastic.”

We are proud to announce that Amma Life’s CBDX Water Soluble Spray is now a finalist in the 2020 Nourish Awards for Best Supplement! The CBD & Mint tea is also up for Best Healthy Drink. But we need your help to win. We are up against a lot of strong competition, so every vote counts. Voting is open throughout August, so please spare a minute to visit the Nourish Awards website and vote for us!

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