Christmas hamper ideas

Christmas hamper ideas

If you’re looking for something to give that person in your life who loves all things healthy, then you have come to the right place. Our CBD Christmas hamper ideas will save you hours of searching, because it’s all right here!  What can be better than the gift of wellness.

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Christmas hamper ideas for your Fitness Friends

Amma Life has a great range of products for everyone that enjoys living a healthy lifestyle, whether you are cycling crazy, a gym bunny, countryside rambler or yoga queen. The goal is supporting you and your loved ones to live an active lifestyle.CBDX Water Soluble (Sports edition)
Water soluble CBD provides increased bio-availability to support your training and sports recovery. With this handy pen for on-the-go CBD, you can train hard and recover quickly. What fitness enthusiast wouldn’t want that?!
CBDX Water Soluble Spray
Another water soluble product, and for good reason. The cannabinoids suspended in water-soluble solutions allow it to be absorbed quicker by the body, and more easily, meaning that they will get more of the good stuff while using less. The leak-proof handy little spray allows you to take it easily whenever and wherever you wish, and you can even add it to your drinks!
This is a good all rounder, and not just for people living an active lifestyle.
Amma Life 30% Purified CBD Paste
As used by Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith, pro kickboxer and Inter-Continental super welterweight champion, this paste packs a whopping 30% CBD. “I take 2-3 doses of 30% CBD paste on a daily basis. I find CBD helps a lot with sports recovery, often helping revive my body after a tough training session. It’s also great for relaxing in the evening, so you’re ready for the next day.” This really is the product for future champions!

Christmas hamper ideas for the pamper princess (or prince!)

Got a friend or family member who just can’t resist the latest skincare trend? Who seems to be constantly glowing and is always talking about the best ways to take care of your skin? Then this is the Christmas hamper for them.Soothing CBD Cream
Perfect for tougher patches of skin such as elbows and knees, this soothing CBD skin cream is designed for fast hydration of dry skin. Depending on your skin type it can be used as a general skin cream, or for specific areas where quick hydration is needed.Deluxe CBD Cream
This deluxe CBD cream will help relax, nourish and deeply moisturise their skin with a luxurious blend of cannabinoids, jojoba and calendula oil. It is ideal for all skin types with the perfect combination of nurturing oils to help balance the skin’s PH level naturally, whilst increasing the natural balance of skin flora.CBD Muscle Balm
Made with an invigorating blend of coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils peppermint, camphor and rosemary, this balm is particularly good to have in you bathroom cabinet. After a bath or workout, this balm can be rubbed into muscles, joints or dry skin patches. You can also use it to make a relaxing foot scrub too.

Christmas hamper ideas for the CBD newbie

If you know they want to try it but they haven’t started yet, this starter hamper is going to be the springboard they need to start their CBD journey to a happy & healthy life!5% CBD Oil + Vitamin D3
Amma Life’s latest new CBD oil has added vitamin D3 is a great gift for the winter, and for this year in particular. Being stuck indoors means many of us haven’t been getting out and about during the daylight hours, which results in a lack of the recommended daily quota of vitamin D. Moreover, the 5% CBD oil is a great entry level strength for CBD newbies.CBD Tea
Add our popular, award-winning teabags to your loved ones' life and they will be nothing but grateful. Christmas can be a stressful time of year, so give the people you love the time to relax with a cup of superior tea, a gift that will help them enjoy Christmas. The teabags are fully biodegradable meaning they are great for the environmentally conscientious too. Pass on the tip: we recommend adding lemon and/or honey to complement the naturally floral taste of the tea.CBD Patches
A new product that has revolutionised how you take CBD. If your loved one is forever forgetting to take their supplements, or is the forgetful type in general, all they have to do is slap one of these brand new CBD patches onto their skin and go to bed. The rest happens while they sleep! For a slow, continuous release of potent CBD. These convenient patches can be taken day or night and can be applied to localised areas.We hope the above provided you with plenty of inspiration for Christmas hamper ideas for your friends and family. All you need now is a pretty box or basket and some gift wrap! And maybe a glass of mulled wine while you wrap (it is Christmas after all!). If you have any questions about which CBD product is best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or by phone. We’d love to tell you more about our range of 5 star whole plant CBD products.

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