Happy New You

Happy New You

So as we reach the end of one year & the start of 2018. This can be a great time to reflect on how the year has been, the good experiences and the more challenging ones.

January traditionally marks the start of a new cycle and can be a great time to place new intentions. Whether it is to say goodbye to something such as an unsatisfactory job, or welcome something new such as healthier eating patterns or regular exercises you may enjoy.
However big or small, this can be a great time to stop to reflect and think about what makes you feel good, what you value in life and how you express and live out these values. Then consider a few ways to allow more happiness & satisfaction into your life.
A great place to start is to focus on your health. When we feel healthy in mind and body, we are able to thrive & live more fulfilling lives.
Healthy lifestyle choices can be an active step towards disease prevention, longevity and also effect our outlook in life.

Here are 5 ways to choose a healthier lifestyle in 2018:

1.  Make CBD part of your daily life

There is a lot of information available on how CBD can optimise our health & boost our wellbeing. CBD can stimulate the endocannabinoid system to function to its fuller capacity. More people are becoming aware of how the endocannabinoid system is integral in allowing the body to seek homeostatis and also support mental wellbeing. Once we feel more balanced, it can be easier to make other healthy lifestyle choices. The way CBD can support the body & mind shift towards a healthier self is truly remarkable. So why not look at the range of Amma Life CBD options available to see what suits you today, to move towards a healthier you tomorrow.

2.  Time to rest

We can be so busy in our society, always rushing from one thing to the next. Taking time each day to simply rest, whether its a 20 minute meditation or time to relax and listen to your favourite music. It is important to stop and just enjoy being in that moment. A simple yet perfect solution to living a hectic, modern lifestyle that can feel stressful for many people in our society. Research shows that chronic stress levels can have a big impact on our wellbeing and up to 80% of time off work is stress related in the U.K.

3.  Get outdoors

Fresh air and being out in nature is so good for our overall health. I find that there is something wonderful about walking in a park & gazing at the majestic quality of a great big tree, such as a sequoia tree or an oak tree. Research also supports the fact that being out in green spaces is important for our wellbeing. So why not choose to move some of your exercise regime outdoors from time to time? Go for a walk or run in the woods, find a new cycle route away from the hustle & bustle of city streets. For most of us city dwellers, we may be surprised to find exciting, new green spaces within easy reach.

4.  Spend time in good company

There is nothing like being with your close friends or partner and enjoying each others company! Healthy, happy relationships are a true gift and can fill a heart with happiness & contentment. Whether its spending time with friends, partners, our beloved pet or even a neighbour. We are social beings and benefit from being in the company of others, especially when we are used to taking time out for ourselves to rest & replenish. Too much alone time can lead to feeling isolated, unsupported & even depression. So why not call your dearest friend and arrange a get together in January! It could be a visit to the spa, a walk in the park or brunch at a new vegetarian cafe.

5.  Exercise the Mind

Being open to learning is what keeps us young at heart. If we were to live the same year for the rest of our lives that would become boring. Think about what you are interested in or would like to know more about. Then consider how you can bring that into your life in 2018. It may be attending an Anthony Robbins course or learning a new language. It really is up to you. The key thing to consider is how do I want to grow this year? This helps you take charge and shape your life to bring positive experiences your way.
Taking a daily CBD supplement can help support your overall wellbeing and let you out your focus on enjoying the moment.

Of course every day is filled with new opportunities. So if you feel too much pressure to make any New Year’s resolutions. Then just be open to reflecting on your choices & lifestyle at various points throughout the year, it could be at the start of each month or new moon cycle. It really is about being empowered to shape your life and fill each day with more of what you desire.

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