How our CBD embraces Organic September

How our CBD embraces Organic September

September is the month to celebrate going all natural. Organic September covers a whole bunch of different topics. It’s all about supporting biodiversity and the welfare of wildlife as well as combating climate change and looking after bodies from the inside out. 

Plants being grown in soil

So what does organic mean? Organic means food that is grown without artificial chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers, so basically grown as nature intended!

And you can bet we embrace organic in our CBD products! At Amma Life we believe that keeping things as close to how nature intended is definitely the way to go!

So what does it mean if something is grown as non-organic?

Nowadays you might see some products labelled as GMO. GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. This means breeders of plants and animals have altered the genes of living things to make them more successful. Whether that’s taste, longevity, size, quantity, speed of maturing or resilience to insects and diseases. But, the long-term effects of GMO foods remain a bit of a question mark. Many are concerned about the impact it will have on biodiversity and the ecosystems if plants are altered to behave differently. 

Another method you’ve probably heard of is using pesticides, and for many industries it’s a common practice. A pesticide, as the name suggests, is a chemical substance used to protect organisms from pests that may harm its growth, whether that’s insects, rodents or other plants. But again, the impact of ingesting pesticides is unknown.

That is why at Amma Life we can guarantee that all of our crop is grown without the use of pesticides or GMO seeds.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate organic products into your daily life:

  • Grow your own

Fruit and veg straight from your garden is such a rewarding way to be more organic. Plus it’s great exercise and good for your health to be outside in nature!

  • Shop locally and buy organic

Supporting your local businesses and farm shops means that you’ll know exactly where your produce comes from and the carbon footprint will be low.

  • Health and wellness

It’s not just fresh produce that can be organically grown. Health and wellness products are a fantastic and easy swap you can make to your daily life. 


Which is why Amma Life believes in no-nonsense farming, working with only the most reputable farmers across Europe to bring you non-certified organic CBD - because we believe in products that are good for you and the environment. So this Organic September, why not make a product swap in your usual buying routine, from non-organic to organic CBD, and join the movement towards natural, eco-friendly living.

Our mission is for everyone to enjoy the benefits of CBD naturally, which is why all of our products are as Mother Nature intended. You can read more about our mission here.

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