How to Level Up Your Fitness

How to Level Up Your Fitness
Sunday 2nd October was the London Marathon for 2022, we watched 40,000 participants of all ages, sizes and abilities, take on 26 miles of London roads. A hugely impressive achievement to say the least! This got us thinking about how we properly care for our bodies so we perform at our best (and we'll show you why our CBD balm is perfect too!). 
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So whether your sport is running, hiking, cycling or the gym, here are our top 5 tips to help your body recover from a tough workout so you can level up your fitness and hit that next PB (personal best). 
  • Stretching 

An oldie, but a goldie. Cooling down is just as important as warming up! If you’re driving a car at 70mph, you don’t immediately slam the breaks on when you want to stop, do you? We should treat our bodies the same way. Stretching and/or a light walk is excellent in helping prevent stiffness, soreness and injury.
  • Refuel 

It’s super important to make sure you’re getting that protein in you. After your workout, your muscles will have used up their energy causing them to feel tired, so you need to give them the correct nutrition to help them bounce back and repair.
  • Ice bath 

Sounds like an unpleasant thing to do, but you only need to submerge yourself for a couple of minutes to feel the benefit. So be brave and give it a go. Because once you get out your whole body is tingling with delight! Cold water works great at soothing sore muscles to help you recover faster. Cold water therapy has gained more popularity in recent years with the likes of Wim Hof promoting the benefits, you can check out this article to read more about this. 
  • Supplements and Body Care

There’s a whole bunch of options out there, but our favourite by far is the Amma Life CBD muscle balm. As your post-workout companion, the camphor and peppermint oils provide a cooling and soothing effect - and we’ve added rosemary oil to help towards improving circulation. Just massage onto the area and you’re good to go.
  • Rest, rest, rest 

Maybe the most important one of them all! Yes, we’ve stretched, refueled, taken our bath and used our CBD balm, but all that would be pointless unless you’re getting sufficient sleep. As we all know 'rest = reset', and it’s when our body does the most work to recover from whatever it’s endured throughout the day. Without enough sleep, we feel sluggish and lack motivation. 
Whether you choose to implement one or all of our tips, be sure to take care of yourself this winter. Listen to what your body needs - after all, it does know best. 
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