Amma Life talk all things CBD at The Downs Festival, Bristol

Amma Life talk all things CBD at The Downs Festival, Bristol

Bristol’s biggest music festival, The Downs Festival, was blessed with great weather and even better music on the main stage this year, from artists including Miss Lauren Hill, Grace Jones and The Idles. But it was The Information Area where Amma Life spent their festival on Saturday 31st August, 2019.

Festival CBD talk enlightens Bristol crowd

Amongst other speakers in the area, such as Shappi Khorsandi and Solomon OB, Amma Life Co-Founders Sophia Ali and K Thompson took to the stage to talk about all things CBD.
Entitled “CBD is the New Superfood'. Everything you need to know”, Sophia and K’s festival CBD talk educated and intrigued audiences eager to get the skinny on the UK’s fastest growing wellbeing trend this year.The Amma Life Co-founders explained the rich and interesting history around hemp use, and how the plant has gone from being demonised to being used in wellness products in the last 100 years.Sophia explained "Hemp has been used since the dawn of civilisation, and through farming and other uses gave us our much needed intake of cannabinoids. These days, we are starved of them, unless we can find ways to reintroduce it into our diets."
Thompson added "This is one of the many reasons why vegan CBD oils & sprays that can be added to smoothies or coffees, taken orally or applying CBD creams to be absorbed into the skin, are so essential as part of any daily wellness regime."The audience were able to find out how they can support their well-being in the best ways possible, direct from the CBD experts themselves! So that they can begin their well-informed and inspired CBD journey and enjoy a healthy, happy and creative life.

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