What’s your CBD dose?

What’s your CBD dose?

It may sound obvious, but your CBD dose depends entirely on you! Your physiology, your health and your desired outcome are all essential factors when calculating your dosage. You and your needs are unique, and so is your dosage!

How much CBD should I take?

The general guideline is that you should take 1 milligram of CBD per every 10 pounds you weigh. So, if you divide your weight by 10, you should get a good indication of what your CBD dose should be.
Here’s how to work it out:
Your weight in pounds ÷ 10 = your daily dose in milligrams
Our CBD dosage chart below will give you a good idea of how much CBD oil you should be taking per day:It’s important to note that, like multivitamins and other food supplements, it may take time for CBD to support your body. The rewards gradually start to appear over continued and regular use. For this reason, we suggest that for many customers, starting with the ‘mild to medium range’ is best, give yourself time to notice any desired effects and then up your dosage each day as required. The Food Standard Agency (FSA) recommends a maximum of 70mg of CBD per day. So you do have wiggle room to keep increasing your intake until you find that sweet spot with these recommendations.

CBD oil dosing guide

Remember to check the guidelines on the CBD product you are using, as potency can vary between both products and companies. To err on the side of caution, we suggest that you start with lower-to-mid strength CBD oils, unless you are used to taking CBD and confident about what you require.
As you start to feel the rewards you can begin to experiment with more potent CBD products. In addition to varying your CBD products, you can also vary your method of consumption eg ingest it at different times of the day, before or after a meal, or with /without food and drink. Why not try CBD drinks or within food? We have a range of exciting recipes you can try, including our Superfood CBD SmoothieMost Amma Life CBD Oil bottles come in a 10ml size and have between 180-200 drops per bottle. If you want to work out how much CBD there is per drop, divide the total CBD content by 200 drops. For example, a 10% CBD oil has 1000mg of CBD, that means there is approximately 5mg of CBD per drop.
You can find out more about choosing your perfect starter product here on our How to Choose CBD page.

When all is said and done, your CBD dosage is specific to you and your needs. It might feel difficult to ascertain at first what’s your perfect dosage, but don’t be put off. With some experimentation and a bit of trial and error, as you observe your state and follow the above guidelines, it can help you figure out your CBD dose and start your CBD journey in no time!

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