Why is CBD so popular?

Why is CBD so popular?

CBD from hemp has exploded in popularity in recent years, especially in the UK. With around 1000 new users joining the CBD revolution every month, they can’t all be wrong! Let’s look at some of the reasons why people love CBD so much.

Hemp throughout history

Hemp has existed for hundreds of years and there is evidence to suggest it was one of the earliest crops to be farmed. Known as ‘the crop of the gods’, it was used for many purposes – from clothes and textiles, to oil and food. Hemp was even used to feed livestock, and this is one way we used to get our quota of cannabinoids; through the animals we ate.Once early 20th century laws made it more difficult to farm hemp, people started becoming deficient in cannabinoids. But with CBD now widely available to buy, we can change that.

Why hemp?

While there are other plants out there that contain cannabinoids, such as cacao, Echinacea and flax, none are quite so good both for your health and the environment as that which comes from hemp.
Let’s look at why.CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids found in hemp. It interacts with the natural endocannabionoid system (ECS) in our bodies, maintaining homeostasis and optimal health. The ECS is a network of cannabinoid receptors in the brain and gut.
Cannabinoids bind to receptor points in the ECS to control the passage of proteins around the body.

A crop above the rest

Hemp has famously been used to eradicate Chernobyl of radioactive cesium and strontium after the nuclear disaster. It doesn’t require herbicides or pesticides to grow, which is great news for other wildlife, and its flowers make great pollen for bees. The leaves are full of nutrients which, when they fall, decompose to leave the soil rich for the next crop.It also absorbs carbon dioxide from the air in bigger quantities than most plants.

Beyond grass roots

Hemp grows much longer roots than most plants, sometimes penetrating as deep as nine feet down into the soil. This means it can easily access nutrients and water that its immediate competitors can’t. It is excellent for preventing soil erosion, a major problem for farmers. It can even repair soil that is already damaged.
It really is the crop of the gods!Hemp has many uses and benefits for all life on earth. If we could farm it freely across the planet, it might just be enough to save the Earth, and us, from the disaster our future currently faces.

Does the thought of saving the planet and optimising your health sound like a great idea to you? We certainly think so. Take a look at the Amma Life range of whole plant CBD products and start supporting your wellbeing with CBD today:

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