5 CBD gifts to put under your Christmas tree!

5 CBD gifts to put under your Christmas tree!

Christmas is a time to show you care, and what better way than to gift CBD? It’s a unique, thoughtful gift that can help optimise the health of your family and friends. Whatever the goal may be, CBD can enhance overall well-being so you can feel healthier and happier - and generally more energised. So, forget about socks, scarves and candles and give a gift that gives back! 

We have outlined a few of our favourite products below and who we think they’d be best suited for - so you can sit back, relax and order worry-free!

Gift of simplicity: CBD Patches

If your friend or family member needs an easy, simple CBD product then our CBD patches are the ideal solution. Whether you are out and about or even when you’re sleeping (Christmas pun intended!), these discreet transdermal patches slowly release cannabidiol into the bloodstream over the course of twelve hours. You simply need to pop them on to dry, clean skin, ideally in an area with good blood supply, and relax. The CBD will begin to seep into the body’s bloodstream, and you can experience the support that cannabinoids offer your immune system and overall health.
CBD patches are not only a convenient and effective option, but for loved ones who may not instantly warm to the flavour of CBD, they are a great alternative to many ingestible CBD products.

Gift to unwind: CBD Tea

Our award-winning CBD tea is the ultimate hug in a mug. From our original to our mint flavoured CBD Tea, both have won awards and continue to be best-selling products, and it’s no wonder why - the flavour and feel! 
From delicate floral notes to fresh mint that eases digestion, our tea range is the ideal gift for anyone who wants to unwind. Simply steep your tea bag in hot water to unlock the naturally powerful compounds. This small yet mighty tea bag, when ingested regularly, can make a huge difference to your health and well-being. Being both all-natural and caffeine free, this is the perfect CBD gift for those planning to be healthier or for those who’ve decided to give up caffeine in the New Year!

Gift for the experimental: 15% CBD Oil

A staple of our product range, the 15% CBD oil contains the potency and natural goodness of the whole plant. This all-encompassing product can allow your loved one to experience the ‘entourage effect’, where the power of the whole plant is harnessed to create a synergistic effect within. Each of the natural compounds harmonize together like an orchestra, all complementing one another to ensure you and your loved ones feel their best. 
The advantage of this CBD gift option is versatility! If your loved ones like to experiment and try new things, this is the ideal gift. Ingest it as is, rub on a problem area or even bake with it - our 15% CBD oil can be as flexible as they are! And with an array of recipes on our site, from coconut & chocolate CBD cups to the ultimate CBD superfood smoothie - they will not tire of the many methods of ingestion!

Gift for the fitness fan: CBD Paste

The increased potency of CBD paste makes it an ideal gift for fitness enthusiasts, who want a more intense dose to support their workout. CBD paste can be ingested like CBD oil, but as it has not been combined with a carrier oil, it is far more potent. As such, be sure to warn your giftee to start off with small doses. Fitness fanatics and athletes such as Johnny ‘Swift’ Smith, pro kick-boxer, have come out in support of CBD, because it’s a supplement that helps you both in and out of the gym. If you’re looking to surprise and impress the gym-enthusiast in your life with a CBD gift - this is the one for you!

For those always on the go: CBDX Water Soluble Spray

If there’s someone in your life who’s always on the go, this is the perfect CBD gift for them. Amma Life’s ground-breaking CBDX Water Soluble Spray can be up to 10 times more easily absorbed by the body. This makes it perfect for sports and fitness sessions, quick morning fixes, or when only a swift boost will do. 
The cannabinoids and herbs suspended in our water-soluble solution make it the perfect companion to your loved one’s on-the-go lifestyle. Simply add it to any drink and the soluble CBD will dissolve into it, so you can enjoy a health-kick to your system all day long.

And there you have it - our Christmas run down of CBD gift-giving! If you are still unsure, visit our testimonials page so you can see what our current customers love most. You’ll be sure to put smiles on your friends and families faces this Christmas and well into the New Year!

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