New Year, New Me. How to Fail-Proof Your Resolutions

New Year, New Me. How to Fail-Proof Your Resolutions
The holidays - full of food, parties and festivities - have come to a close and the classic narrative of ‘new year, new me’ has begun. 
There are so many different resolutions that people set this time of year, but no matter what they are, they nearly always fail (in fact, around 80%). 
So why’s that?
Keep reading for our top 3 reasons why resolutions don’t last, and how you can fail-proof your resolutions to create long-term life changes instead.

  1. They are unrealistic

Be honest with yourself here. Having health and fitness, academic or career goals is great, but are you setting yourself any unrealistic expectations?
It’s not about changing everything all at once. It’s about becoming 1% better every day. Our brains like familiarity, so if we start changing too much to reach impossible goals we can easily become overwhelmed and slip back into old ways.
Setting really big expectations also make it far easier for us to become discouraged with our progress and yet more likely to give up.

2. You are fixated on the end goal

Rather than fixating on the end result, focus on introducing habits that will get you closer to your goal. Again, having a definitive end result means we are overly defining what success would mean to us. This makes becoming discouraged and giving up much easier. 
Instead, turn them into positive actions. For example, if you want to achieve a fitness goal, then you could focus on introducing proper muscle recovery into your routine. Read more on how to do that here.

3. You're doing it for the wrong reasons

Again we have to be honest and true to ourselves. Ask yourself what is the root cause for setting this goal. Are we changing to get someone to like us, to make more money, or simply to fit in with others?
Unfortunately, creating long-term change won’t last if you’re doing it for someone else. You have to want to do it for yourself, and only yourself. 
Introducing a new fitness and health routine into your life takes time, so above all be patient with yourself and enjoy the process - this is the key. We are all motivated by how something makes us feel rather than by the end result - and health and fitness are all about feeling better! CBD supports our endocannabinoid system which is crucial for maintaining our health. At this particularly cold and dark time of year, focusing on feeling good and maintaining our physical health can help maintain good mental health too. Try our CBD & Vitamin D3 oil - currently 17% off - for an extra boost of the sunshine vitamin and add a little happiness to your day!

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