Hemp for dogs?

Hemp for dogs?

Crufts is a firm fixture on TV at the moment, so it’s time to celebrate our love for healthy dogs of all shapes and sizes. With CBD for dogs a growing trend among pet owners, is it time you optimised your pets’ health and wellbeing with hemp, as well as your own?

A popular choice for dogs

It may seem like a strange idea to give hemp infused products to dogs. But all life forms with a spine and central nervous system have an Endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is the body’s complex network of neurotransmitters that cannabinoids seem to interact with.Its main purpose is crucial; to help the body maintain optimal health and achieve a state of balance, where everything in our body is working in harmony. More studies need to be done, but there is promise that hemp functions in a similar way for our furry friends as it does for humans.
Our products are aimed for humans, so if this was a topic that interested you, then do speak to your vet first.

How much?

Due to the extreme size differences and body weight, it is not 'one dose suits all'.  When picking a high grade, whole plant and vegan cannabinoid oil, such as the 3% concentration. 
For every 10 pounds in weight, you could choose to add 1mg of the Amma Life 3% oil to their daily quota of food and mix well.Any information on hemp infused products for our furry friends is scarce and often vets would look at information available for humans as a starting point. Hemp products are widely considered to be low risk. This has led some pet owners and vets to believe that hemp plant supplements can be suitable, and potentially safe for dogs. Though the jury is out until further information is obtained.

It's important that you speak to your veterinarian if you're thinking of administering Amma Life products to your pet, particularly if they are already taking regular prescriptions, as certain ingredients can interact with particular medicines. All Amma Life products are designed as food supplements for human consumption.

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