Easy ways to introduce CBD into your daily routine

Easy ways to introduce CBD into your daily routine

Life is pretty hectic: juggling work, home, kids, social commitments… It’s easy to forget things when life gets so packed. This makes it very hard to introduce new habits, even if these habits make your life better. If you are trying to introduce CBD into your daily routine in 2020, we’ve compiled a quick guide to help you achieve your goal.

Choosing the right product

Firstly, decide which product works best for you. It could be an oil, spray, vape, tea, paste or moisturising cream. You can get tips in choosing the product here If you like using it before a big event such as an important meeting or presentation, a CBD vape might work best for you, due to its quick delivery into the bloodstream. Or if vaping isn't your thing, a couple of drops of Amma Life CBD oil, sublingual spray Or for those sporty occasions, why not try the new CBDX Sports solution taken 15-20 minutes beforehand and customers find this offers a more of an ‘even keel’, longer lasting effect.If you want to use it as part of an active lifestyle, for example during sports training, quick delivery may not be the deciding factor. Kickboxer Johnny “Swift” Smith Inter-Continental super welter-weight champion, finds the Amma Life 30% CBD paste is best for him: “I take Amma Life 30% CBD paste daily, 2-3 times per day. First thing in the morning, I drink 1L of water, then take paste, and do some stretches. I take it again before my afternoon session, then a third and final dose of paste in the evening before bed. I find cannabidiol helps a lot with sports recovery and helping my body recover from a tough training session. It’s also great to relax in the evening ready for the next day.”
Try using Amma Life products for your training sessions, such as the NEW Amma Life CBDX Sports solution, ideal for athletes and gym goers, with its fast and effective formula providing increased bio-availability to support all your training and sports recovery needs.

Product placement

Once you’ve decided which product you want to use, place it in a location you go to every day. For example, putting your Amma Life CBD paste, oil or Water Soluble CBDX Spray next to your cereal boxes or supplements in the kitchen will help you remember to take it in the morning and evening before bed. If you make tea every day, place your Amma Life CBD tea bags next to your usual tea bags, and make sure they are visible.

Use an app

There are plenty of apps out there to help you remember things like administering medicine, taking pills etc. These apps can come in handy for remembering to take CBD, too. Or if you’re not so savvy with technology, keep track of when, what and how much you’ve taken in a notebook, calendar or diary, and keep that handy, too.

Add it to your daily diet

If there are certain foods you eat every day, why not add CBD to those foods? If you make a sandwich for lunch everyday, try making your own CBD butter using our recipe. Or if you start the day with a coffee, try adding a few drops of water soluble CBDX solution to your coffee, or make your own CBD pumpkin-spiced latte with our recipe.

Taken regularly CBD can help to support well-being and maintain optimal health. Furthermore, CBD can help to support your sports recovery after workouts, which means you can get back to training sooner. Try taking Amma Life’s new and exclusive CBDX Sports supplement designed to support an active lifestyle.

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