Mental Health Awareness Week during Covid-19

Mental Health Awareness Week during Covid-19

Mental Health Awareness Week is here. With surveys suggesting coronavirus is having a profound impact on our mental, as well as physical, wellbeing, we have put together this practical guide with suggestions to help you cope.

Anyone concerned about themselves or a loved one can find dedicated helplines and support groups on the NHS website.

Outdoor exercise

Government guidelines now allow residents of England to spend more time outdoors, including unlimited exercise (from Wednesday, 13th May). This is great news for our mental health & mental health awareness. Studies suggest even 15 minutes of natural daylight can boost your vitamin D levels, which increases the level of serotonin (a ‘happy’ hormone) in our brain.

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

Yoga is not just great for fitness. By incorporating breathing techniques and meditation too, according to numerous studies yoga is also beneficial in reducing anxiety and levels of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Try taking part in yoga online twice a week and see if it helps you cope with stress and anxiety.

Keep in touch

Although we may not be able to see more than one person outside our own household at a time, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep in touch with them. A video call, phone call or even just a text to ask how they are will help you stay connected with your loved ones and reduce feelings of loneliness. If you are experiencing loneliness there are numerous dedicated helplines that may help.

Have a bath

A hot bath is a great way to relax and unwind, especially one hour before bed. Imagine all your worries and anxiety being washed away as you bathe. Try adding your favourite bubble bath or Epsom salts, said to help relieve stress. Moisturise when you get out with Amma Life’s Deluxe CBD Body Cream, a great way to hydrate your skin for optimum healthy skin.

Prioritise sleep

It may be a difficult time to get good quality sleep right now. You may well be experiencing turbulent dreams or difficulty falling or staying asleep as we all deal with this crisis. That is why it is important to prioritise sleep now more than ever before. Try to stick to a night time routine to set you up for 8-10 hours of good quality sleep each night. Read a book for 20 minutes, have a relaxing cup of Amma Life CBD tea, and avoid screens 2 hours before bed. More tips on sleep here.

Be Grateful

Gratefulness journaling helps ‘biohack’ the brain into positive thinking and recognising the good things in our day over the bad things. Make a note of three things each day that you feel grateful for. They could be as simple as finding something useful on the reduced shelf in the supermarket; literally anything that had a positive impact on your day, however small. Start noticing all the small things and see if they help lift your mood.


Many of you may have watched Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix recently. When we’re stuck at home, it’s difficult to escape the number of items we hold in our homes. Having a big clearout is not only beneficial for our home, it is also said to be beneficial for our mind too. Marie Kondo recommends clearing out items by category, rather than by room, starting with the least sentimental (such as paper) and finishing with the most, and only keeping those things that ‘spark joy’ in your life.

Eat well

Eating a ‘rainbow’ of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day is a great way to maintain a balanced and nourishing diet. According to Mind, eating the right foods may also help you feel better, think clearer and give you more energy. Drink plenty of water too, and go easy on the caffeine and alcohol. Try one of our CBD recipes such as CBD butter or CBD hummus to start adding health-optimising CBD to your daily diet, or try replacing your coffee habit with CBD tea.

Try something new

We have been given the gift of time during lockdown, and for many people this is an opportunity to start a new project, complete something you’ve long been meaning to do, or try something totally new. If it makes you feel happy, even better! Try learning to dance, painting, gardening, upcycling, baking - whatever you fancy, give it a go!

Be kind - to yourself and others

That said, if you don’t feel like doing any of those things, that is also OK. Mental health awareness is about listening to how you feel and feeling supported to do what feels right for you. We are all experiencing trauma right now, whether we realise it or not, which can lead us to experience unexpected and unwanted negative feelings, sometimes out of the blue. We must be kind and understanding, both to ourselves and others right now, because we are all just doing the best we can with the resources we have.

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